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T66 - Heiðarhorn on Skarðsheiði - big and close to home

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8 May, 2010

The last scheduled weekend walk with the T66 group before Hvannadalshnúkur, destination: Heiðarhorn, 1053m. One of the peaks along Skarðsheiði, a ridge running east/west ish between Hvalfjörður and Borgarfjörður/Skorradalur. If you're looking north from Reykjavík, you can see the ridge as the distant mountains to the left of Esja.

For a mountain so close to home, I'm surprised I'd never considered walking up there before. It's a nice straightforward walk, and probably has great views in better weather. Still, for early May, the ground was still absolutely sodden with snowmelt, and dragging a group of 100 people up and down the mountain can't have done much good for the mountain grasses.

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