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Aldrei Fór Ég Suður - I went North, then I went West

Pictures are at the bottom...

April 22-25, Easter long weekend, 2011

Aldrei fór ég suður, "I never went south" is a fucking kickass music festival. I've been a few times before. It's awesome. I didn't go in 2009 because I was in Russia visiting Kata. Still, 2010 had been huge, and I didn't think it was going to top it. But Kata had never been. We didn't have anywhere lined up to stay though, but if Kata found a place to stay, of course I was up for it.

She didn't just find any place, she found the place! Apparently a last minute cancellation meant that instead of a small appartment, we got the entire community house in Flateyri. Awesome!

This was the first time I'd stayed outside Íbizafjörður for the festival, and it was just fine. I'd been concerned that we'd miss stuff, but we had such a good crowd of people with us that we were just fine. We also got to see the local bar, Vagninn, in all its glory.

We filled the weekend with spectacular music, fantastic food, amazing company and all the very best in Icelandic spring weather. Snow, wind, rain and Sun :)

As you might see, I didn't take my camera into town for the concerts much. (At all) Inspired by Iceland were there though, and they recorded the entire festival, and have it all on Vimeo, though not in any sort of order. A few worthy pics...

I should make special mention of Lazy Blood there. They were a massive surprise. The whole room just stood there in shock and awe. I laughed, I stared, I didn't know what to do, but I was very, very glad I got to see it. Absolutely epic. I've left out plenty of bands, and there were almost all spectacular, as in every year before.

Yet another fantastic weekend :)

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