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Spring trip to Heiðarhorn and Skarðshyrna

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17 April, 2011

Skarðshyrna. Well, actually, the goal was Skarðshyrna and Heiðarhorn, but well, one out of two isn't bad.

Back in Spring 2010, with the T66 program, I'd gone up both peaks but Logi had missed that trip for some reason, and really wanted to get up there. He'd now joined the rescue team, and was immensely enjoying his first year training, so organised a trip up there. It was late April, and we were headed to 1000m or so, which was definitely going to still be snow covered. Along for the ride were two other new members of the rescue team. And me. I was the only one who'd been there before. I was also the only one who doesn't normally go out that high at that time of the year. I had no crampons, no axe, and normally, no-one else who was even interested in going out at that time of year!

But, April is that time of year when I get itchy feet, there's plenty of light, but the mountains are tricksy, and do their best to keep you off. This was going to be a nice change, I got to go on a good proper, "let's give it a shot" trip, but not have to be the one responsible for everyone. If anything, they all had to be responsible for me... I was definitely in the worst shape, and although my tripod made an ok walking stick at times, I eventually ended up in borrowed crampons!

So yeah, we went, we did it. It was awesome. We had two axes and two pairs of crampons between the four of us, but it was enough. We made it up to Skarðhyrna, in basically white out conditions, and although we could see walking along to the saddle up to Heiðarhorn itself, I cautioned against trying, given what I knew about the steep dropoffs on two sides as we got to the top. We had a few moments of beautiful sunshine through the clouds, and it really was a great day out.

I've since got an axe, so I'm more ready for some early/late season trips now. You can do them, you just have to take friends :)

Oh yeah, and Logi picked me up in the morning, then ran out of petrol on his way to the next pickup. Good job Logi :)

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