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Gaypride 2011 plus pizza party

Pictures are at the bottom...

6 August, 2011

Gaypride is always a big day downtown, a huge parade, nowadays too big to go down the main street, bands on stages around town, and often a variety of parties at night. I was going to Hafursey the next day, but it was just a day trip, so I was in town.

First up, I went and had a nice lunch with Steph and Oli, and later Tóta and Helgi Valur as well, for their last day in Reykjavik. It was very nice to have a nice leisurely afternoon in the garden at Hresso, and chat for a while. They had to head off to a family do, but I ran into more friends out on the street, Bjarni and Ewelina, and later Abi and Björgvin and Logi, and various siblings and couch surfers and au pairs that the group had aquired.

We had a lovely afternoon in the sun, loitering around chatting and enjoying the weather and telling jokes, before all being invited to a mass pizza bakeoff. Tasty food, more fine weather on a big deck, and then a nice stroll home at a reasonable hour to go for a jeep+hiking trip the next day.

The girls with the funny faces were having a play with my camera, and begged to get the pictures off me, so they're included here, regardless of how funny they may have been.

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