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Mackeril Schools along the shore of Reykjavik

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Saturday, 13 August, 2011

I ducked out of the house one fine saturday afternoon to take some pictures of graffiti, and Esja over the bay, and then come back for dinner. What a surprise I was in for!

I got down to the bay, and saw 3 people fishing there, with a young boy just landing two fish on a jigging line. Interesting. Turning my head a bit further, I saw that there were actually about 15-20 people fishing along the shore, right in front of town, all furiously casting and reeling and running back and forth along the shore. Closer inspection of the fish revealed that they were mackeril.

Closer inspection of the sea revealed that there were five or six schools of mackeril, swarming along the shore, presumably pushed in by the strong northerly. Very very cool.

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