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Sandpit to swimming pool - Shovelling ash out of Seljavallalaug

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14 May, 2011

Bjöggi called me one afternoon at work, did I want to go and help shovel ash out of Seljavallalaug? Hell yes! I love that pool, and an organised day to just put in the back work to shovel all the ash out of it, yes, I was in. Logi had heard about it, so the three of us drove down, well, relatively early, by our standards.

We got there about lunchtime, and were amazed to see how much had already been done. Work moves pretty quickly when you have a giant bucket scoop, and a little digger in the pool itself. Seems one of the south coast construction firms got involved. We dug out the edges along the natural wall, and did a lot of the small work required so that the big machines didn't destroy the pool, but it was all over before we knew it. I, at least, had been expecting a long day of shovelling. Not complaining though, we were there, we helped. As we were leaving home again a bit before 4pm, some extra people were just arriving, obviously having slept in a bit, and also expecting to just be the second shift of diggers. They were a bit disappointed to hear it was all finished!

Logi has been down there since, and says it's all just lovely again. Good news!