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Grand Final Day, Icelandic Aussie Rules League

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12 November, 2011

Grand final day, Icelandic Aussie Rules league. Kata and I had enjoyed a good day out watching the Iceland v Norway game earlier in the summer, so we went along to watch the final of the local league as well, Gammar vs Griðungar. With two friends playing for Gammar, the fact that we ended up being score keeper and time keeper didn't stop us from cheering for Gammar :) It did interfere a bit with taking pictures though.

A very solid game all told, some nice plays, with Gammar ahead by 8 at half time. They had more accurate kicking, but as the second half unfolded, the volume of kicks on goal that Griðungar was letting loose took it's toll, with the final score 11.13 (80) defeating 9.8 (65)

Til next season!

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