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Karri Forrests, giant trees and bushfires - Gracetown to Walpole

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27 February, 2012

We left Gracetown and headed south and east, headed towards the tall trees and the southern coast by denmark. First stop though, was in a really pretty grove of karri trees on the old caves road south of Gracetown. Just a really beautiful bit of forrest. Continuing on, we started running into sections of burnt out forrest, regrowing quite nicely. There were bushfires and road closures in other parts of the south while we were there, but what we were driving through was from bushfires in previous years. Very stark. Black trees, red dead leaves and bright green regrowth. Almost an icelandic colour palette.

We stopped in Pemberton for an overpriced fancy lunch. Sleepy town, with haute causine, advertised as regular country cafe food. Good food, but far too trendy and tiny portioned. Not what we'd expected at all. But, that was just food. The Gloucester Tree was next. I had memories of being here, or a tree like this, when I was little, and had visisted WA with my mum. But actually seeing it again, and climbing up it! Awesome! Just wonderful to be allowed to rock up and climb off up into space.

Still, the day wasn't done! We continued south, to a (terrible) campground at Coalmine Beach, Walpole. Terrible, mean spirited service, and marchflies everywhere We enjoyed a nice sunset fishing off the jetty though :) We all felt lots and lots of nibbles, but none of us managed to hook anything at all!

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