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5th Annual Australia Day Beach Party

Pictures are at the bottom...

28 January, 2012

Happy Australia Day! For the fifth year running, with a little help from my friends, I put on an Australia Day beach party. In fine tradition, lots of icelanders didn't come, assuming that it was cancelled because of "the weather". In fine tradition, the BBQ was held during a break in the storm, cleverly arranged by yours truly. It had not looked good right up to the day before, lashing rain and high winds, but the forecast for the day itself was calm and mild around lunch, but grey, with winds picking up as the afternoon wore on. This was born out in reality. 8C! If you're reading this, and didn't come, "because of the weather" get off your lazy arse next year :)

Those who _did_ come were treated to an extravaganza of grilled meats, freshly baked tasty tender morsels, the finest in refreshing beverages, and the very best in company.

Til next year!

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