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Fimmvörðuháls for my birthday

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7 July, 2012

Now that I live in the northern hemisphere, my birthday falls in high summer. I often convince friends and/or family to go away somewhere with me for the weekend. This year, my friends convinced me to go away with them! Kata's work was organizing a social trip over Fimmvörðuháls, with a grill and party in Þórsmörk on arrival. Ok! I'm up for that! Someone else is going to take care of all of it for me!

It's a classic walk, but I'd never done the whole thing before. Back in March, 2010 I'd gone up from Skógar to see the eruption, but I'd never done the section between the craters down to Þórsmörk, and I hadn't been up there since the eruption stopped.

Well, it was excellent! We ran into clouds just past Baldvinsskáli, and unfortunately it stayed cloudy most of the day down into Þórsmörk again. The new craters are cool, still good and warm, in many places too warm to sit on for very long.

Then it was just down down down and then grill grill grill! Another excellent birthday. I think my third in Þórsmörk, in seven years.

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