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Glymur and Hvalvatn

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20 May, 2012

Christina, who's been on a few trips here and there, was leaving the country, and had never managed to get up to Glymur before. Not having a car can do that. I hadn't been in years, and it meant more people to do the walk with. Abi and Grétar joined us, so we had a posse.

We also had some spectacular weather, probably the first proper summer weekend. I walked most of the day in pants and a t-shirt, and wished I was in shorts for most of it. There's been a lot of track work done there since I last went up! Rerouting, steps, handrails, the works! It doesn't go up by the edge of the canyon as much as before, which is definitely safer, but not quite as scenic.

We got up quickly, but didn't feel quite up to slogging up the hill to get up on Hvalfell. One day I'll get there :) We went up to Hvalvatn instead, which was a lovely hike in the sunshine. A little better weather than last time I was there :)

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