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Skálartindur with Iveta and Ævar

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28 May, 2012

Yet another fabulously sunny weekend. Iveta and Ævar came with me, loosely planning on going all the way up the Skálartindur ridge, on the north side of Esja, all the way to Hátindur. We weren't really early enough, and we weren't really fast enough, and we didn't bring any sunscreen, so the idea of hiking 10km across the snow and back wasn't really all that appealing.

Great weather though, and a lovely view of all the mountains, from Snæfellsjökull in the west, past Baula and Tröllakirkja in the north, to Ók and Þórisjökull, and around to Hekla in the east.

Just enough snow to slide down in parts, but mostly just mossy rocks

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