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Westfjords trip - Dýrafjarðardagar in Þingeyri

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6 July, 2013

We were in Þingeyri for the "Dýrafjarðardagar" town festival, running all weekend. We'd come in lateish the night before and met up with Bjöggi and Eija in the local bar/cafe, Simbahöllin, where they'd been staying and working for the summer. Busy night in town, plenty of people back in town for the weekend.

The saturday morning, Begga, Bára, Bjöggi and Eija and I all got up "early" to go for a guided walk around a nearby valley to hear some stories from Gisli's Saga, which was a nice start to the day.

The weather deteriorated though, and by the time of the Westfjords Viking competition, or at least, the event that was in Þingeyri, it was cold and wet and grey and windy, about the worst weather we got on the trip. (The competition is a strong man competition, on this weekend, with different events at different sites around the whole west fjords)

Still, it was a lovely day, tasting all sorts of foods and drinks from the area. The evening had a big ball, which was meant to be an outdoor bbq, but was relocated to a nearby horse training shed due to the weather. Good food and bands, then we retired back to Simbahöllin!

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