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Fireworks for 2014

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31 Dec, 2014

Fireworks review for notes. Melkorka was a great deal, totally worth it for the price. Fairly slow, but pretty and changeable and noisy and all the good thigns, and a great price.

Gunnar is great, Hallgerður is similar. They both shoot up silver small flares that crackle and rain. Hallgerður shoots up more golden flakes on the way up, with slightly smaller explosions. You don't really need both, Hallgerður is probably a little better?

The saturn missiles were beautiful whistlers, but too slow. better to buy two of the half sized version and light them at the same time I reckon :)

The "New York" was good, the sort of golden rain that I liked, but I would have liked it bigger of course. The "Red Peony" was nice, but I think overpriced, it's just a great big slow red bang.

As often, I think the mid sized rockets are often a better deal money wise than the big ones.