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Glacier walk on Sólheimajökull with Helen

Pictures are at the bottom...

16 January, 2016

For our christmas present from mum, Helen and I went on a glacier tour on Sólheimajökull. We had a nice drive down, managed to get some excellent weather (Helps if you can pick your day to suit the forecast) and on top of that, ended up on effectively a private tour. Yay.

Because of our group size, and probably our rather nice guide, we got to go up a lot higher on the glacier for a better view, and walked out over the side more to see a bit more, even finding a nice tunnel we could walk through. Much more pleasant to be up and effectively on our own. Down by the foot of the glacier it had been a zoo, a pile of separate groups all in tight chains, struggling up some of the common approach paths. We even shared some chocolate with a couple that were exhausted and sitting on the ground while their guide got more help. Tourism!

Great day though, thanks Mum!