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Geldingadalir in the wind and rain

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11 April, 2021

Three new fissures had opened up in the 12 days since I was there last, but with easter and work, I'd not managed to get back up there again til today. Weather forecast wasn't great, but wasn't ... too bad. With new fissures, and some photos from the day before, I was really hoping for some new runny lava too.

I got, well, none of that. :)

Glad I went, it's always nice to see it changing, but all three of the new craters currently have their lava flows running back down into the western corner of Geldingadalir, which is not generally regarded as a nice place to be right now. (This corner is where we had sat and enjoyed the view for a while on our last trip. Today it would have been both under lava, and also completely smothered in gas from the way the wind was blowing.

Til next time?