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Tungukollur near Borgarness with Logi (Hafnarfjall)

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21 October, 2012

Logi called to go hiking. He had a weather forecast for dead calm in the Hafnarfjall area, which is unusual. Last time we went there we went to the top, but didn't do the full loop of the peaks there because of the gale force winds.

This time we had excellent weather, so we headed off up the opposite way, following a couple we saw ahead of us, expecting to get on a ~10km loop.

It turned out we were on one ridge too far east, and were set up for a 16-17km loop. We were a little late in the day for that really, but continued on, expecting to be able to bail out down part way around the loop. It was quite a slog up Tungukollur, but a great view.

We eventually decided to just drop down the ridge again before going up ├×verfell, so the full loop, or any of the loops that come down Klausturtunguh├│ll will have to wait for another day. With a slightly earlier start, and slightly more water. (I was only prepared for a light and fast dash up Hafnarfjall, not a longer hard stroll. My own fault)

Another great day in the outdoors.

Here's a map of the whole loop. We did the eastermost ridge, and back down the easternmost gully.

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